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Try this at home: do a web search for “Travel Planning.” Most likely you will receive over 6 TRILLION results in just 74 seconds; do “Vacation Planning” and you'll get 3 TRILLION results - do you really have time to scan through all the results – even the first page or two?  And how do you know which site meets your needs?  i-Global Travel was established nearly 10 years ago, and we have been travelers (like you) for decades. We know the ins and outs of travel and have learned by experience how to avoid mistakes and wrong turns. i-Global Travel is a member of ASTA, CLIA, and affiliated with Travel Quest Network and Travel Leaders Network. i-Global Travel holds several destination specialist certificates issued through the Travel Institute and the Travel Academy through educational programs that give us specific travel related knowledge and information which helps to provide a quality travel experience for you. 


i-Global Travel proudly supports a number of qualified charities. A full 20% of all fees and commissions are donated to programs and charities that meet Charity Navigator's performance measures for accountability and transparency.


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What is i-Global travel and why do you need us!?

                   One of the reasons for the demise of the brick and mortar travel agencies was the decision by the airline industry to stop paying agent commissions on ticket sales. With the rise of on-line agencies like Expedia and Priceline which bought and sold excess seats, the norm switched to web-based purchasing of travel. With the exception of the airlines, most suppliers still use commission as compensation for sales of travel products through agencies. A small percentage of all travel products is paid regardless if to internal staff or to independent agencies. Host agencies like Travel Quest are paid the full commission and then they in turn pay a percentage of that to their independent small business affiliates. What most people do not realize is that commission is built into the price whether you book it directly yourself or through an independent advisor. That said, why agonize over all the time it takes to search, research, and book yourself, when we can do it for you at the same cost (... or more often for less)?

​Please note that the best pricing for travel will always be in bundled services: air+hotel+car, etc. (if what you need are just airline tickets, you’re much better off going direct to the airline websites). We can provide à la carte service for just air or hotel or rentals, but we require an upfront non-negotiable, non-refundable handling surcharge for this kind of service of $50 for each à la carte reservation call or text us for more information at 623-229-4856.

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LLC– independent small business registered in the State of Oregon and also Arizona

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POP QUIZ:  What is a Travel Planner and Consultant?  

A.  A person who provides expert advice professionally,

B.  Someone who gives professional travel advice and/or service; 
C.  One whose job is to create a comprehensive plan or design for a particular trip

D.  All the Above

                 When you contact us we ask a series of questions to help us determine what kind of experience you are looking for, when you want to travel, how many are traveling, and what budget you may have in mind (just for starters). We then set to work looking at destinations, options, prices, dates, suppliers, and so on. We intend for this process to be interactive so we may bounce different ideas and suggestions to you for consideration. We like to use email for this process as it allows us to send pictures and clips as well as documenting things you like. Sometimes this takes time and sometimes this comes together quickly - we try to never force you into a choice or situation – ultimately it’s your trip and you should be completely comfortable with your choices. We will try to steer you away from any known problems or potential conflicts. Once you have decided on your trip package, we will send you a credit card authorization form that will allow us to book the travel with the vendor(s) on your behalf and track the booking(s) through completion.

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