​​Travel Quest is the “host” agency that we belong to. They provide support to independent, professional home-based travel agencies. Founded in 1999, TRavel Quest has provided thousands of vacations, cruises, flights, hotel packages, and group travel. Travel Quest does over $100 million annually in travel sales and are highly respected in the travel business, They have excellent relationships with suppliers and tour vendors (such as cruise lines, vacation brokers, hotels,  car rental agencies, and airline consolidators just to name a few). Travel Quest is accredited by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). TRavel Quest is a member of the Travel Leaders Network.

Jeff Sargent

Owner/Travel Consultant

i-Global Travel LLC since 2012

(623) 229-4856

i-Global Travel, LLC

i-Global Travel, LLC was formed in Peoria, Arizona in 2012. The founder, Jeff Sargent is a registered Landscape Architect with a passion for travel. Jeff has traveled extensively throughout the US, has traveled to Europe on several occasions, as well as to Israel, Mexico, Canada, Central America, and Hawaii where he owns a timeshare.


i-Global Travel proudly supports a number of qualified charities. A full 20% of all fees and commissions are donated to programs and charities that meet Charity Navigator's performance measures for accountability and transparency. 

At i-Global Travel we believe that your trip, wherever you go for however long should be designed just for you and not for the mass market. We do not accept the idea that one size fits all.  We take the time to design custom itineraries for our clients by understanding specific travel needs, accommodation preferences, and desired outcomes before offering a range of options and recommendations that best fit your style of travel.

Creating a great vacation can be time-consuming and confusing. The internet is a wonderful tool but with every resort, cruise line, hotel, and tour company saying they are the best how can you know what you are buying is the best available option? Are they really the best for you? You could sort through all the information, if you had all the time in the world. You can read all the reviews and hope for the best. But if you are like most, you are short on time and afraid of making a serious mistake. ​So why spend countless hours researching destinations, contacting hotels, or comparing prices when you can have someone do it all for you? Especially if that someone knows the ins and outs of travel, and has solid connections to suppliers? We pay attention to detail and it's our goal that your adventure flows as smoothly as possible. 

i-global travel, llc

is an independent agency affiliated with Travel Quest

i-Global Travel is also a member of the Travel Leaders Network through its affiliation with Travel Quest. Travel Leaders Network is a consortium of agencies dedicated to help you travel better on your next vacation or business trip. Consortiums provide access to suppliers, training and booking platforms. Members use education, first-hand travel experience and relationships with airlines, car, hotel, resort, tour, and cruise supplier partners to make sure you enjoy an exceptional personalized travel experiences that create lifetime memories. Through membership with a consortium we can better help you with everything from searching through various options to finding the best vacation package, cruise, shore excursions, and restaurants for you. 

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